Information in English

Espoon Merenkulkijat is a yacht club aiming to enable a safe and meaningful boating hobby for all of its members.

The yacht club disposes a number of berths in the Nokkala Marina in Espoo. New members can be offered a berth when a suitably sized one becomes available.

Each holder of a boat berth has a few responsibilities: guarding the harbour twice a summer, having the boat inspected each year and taking good care of it, including safe boat mooring. For further information, please contact directly the club’s board members and other officials, see page: Johtokunta ja toimihenkilöt.

Welcome to various events during the year. You can find more information on the sailing club’s website, emails, Facebook group, and brochures.

Invoices for berths and membership fees etc. are sent by email. The due date of the invoice is generally in mid-April. The boat berth map is on our website and in the guard house by the piers.

Prices 2024 will be decided in club’s meeting for members in March.

  • Joining fee
    • after 5 years of youth/family membership
  • Annual fees
    • Membership
    • Family membership
    • Youth membership
    • Supporting membership
    • Harbor maintenance fee
    • Harbor management fee; member’s 2nd boat

Boat berths and winter berths are charged according to the city of Espoo’s 2021 price list based on the size of the berth (payment categories 1-6).

Penalty fees

  • Neglecting the marked guard shift and not marking the guard shift €100
  • Neglecting to have boat inspect according to give instructions and schedule €100

Other prices

  • The cabin is rented for the members’ own events. The rent is €25/day.
  • Flags: 33 * 54 cm (30 eur), 44 * 72 cm (35 eur), 55 * 90 cm (40 eur) and 66 * 108 cm (45 eur), ask for other sizes from the board.
  • Additional key for the pier gate 30 euros.